Angel Policy

Last revised: 2005 December 20

With respect to our Canville brand of art stamps, Canville Communications is an “angel company.” You may use our art stamps in your craft projects for resale under these conditions:

  • Our designs are protected by copyright. When appropriate, please use a copyright notice (yours or ours) on your project.
    Example: “[Stamp Name] image Copyright [Year] Canville Communications.”
    When appropriate, including our web site address ( is also appreciated.
  • You may not use our designs for making rubber stamps or compiling clip art collections.
  • You may not use our designs for corporate, organizational or other logos.
  • When displaying or selling projects utilizing our designs on a web site, please provide a link back to our parent site (
  • You may mechanically reproduce projects utilizing our designs under these conditions:
    • Your project must not consist largely or solely of our rubber stamped design(s).
    • The quantity is under 5,000 pieces (contact us for larger quantities).
    • The project does not violate any of the terms in this policy.
  • You may not use our designs to in any way imply endorsement of you, your company or organization, your project or your views or opinions by Canville Communications or any of our stamp artists. Where necessary, please include an appropriate disclaimer.

Please contact us with any questions regarding this policy. If you have any doubts regarding your intended project’s compliance with this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us for an answer before proceeding.

This policy applies only to our line of art rubber stamps. Third-party stamps may, and probably will, have different policies regarding the usage of their rubber stamp designs.