Golden Eggs +

“I wish our hens laid eggs of gold,”
   Said little Billy Drew,
“Like that old goose in the fairy tale—
   Say, Uncle John, don’t you?”

“Just listen now,” said Uncle John,
   “When boys are bright and quick,
And never fail to keep account,
   Of every hen and chick,

“They very soon find out how eggs
   To gold and silver turn,
And in a sure and simple way
   The fairy secret learn.”

“Oh! is that all the story means?”
   Said Billy, with a sigh.
“So much is true,” said Uncle John,
   “Let’s prove it, you and I.

“We’ll feed the biddies every day,
   And give them proper care,
Then we will sell the eggs they lay,
   And all the profits share.”

And so together on this plan
   They worked with right good will,
And Billy soon had rich returns
   For all his toil and skill.

And since he thus has learned the way
   To change eggs into gold,
He thinks he knows a few more things
   Than fairy tales have told.

This story contains the unabridged and unaltered text of and illustration from “Golden Eggs” from Who Killed Cock-Robin and Other Stories, published in 1905 by Henry Altemus Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.