Custom Rubber Stamps

You can save a lot of time by using rubber stamps. Think of all the repetitive writing you do in a typical day. At work, you may write your company name and address on envelopes, forms and miscellaneous paperwork. At home, you may write your own name and address on envelopes, rebate forms, entry forms, tickets and more.

Using self-inking rubber stamps is more efficient than using return address labels. In the time it takes to peel a label off its backing, line it up and affix it, you could have stamped five or more impressions with a self-inking rubber stamp. Simply by switching from labels to self-inking rubber stamps, you can achieve an astonishing 400% increase in your free time!

Using rubber stamps also saves more money than using labels. When you’ve run out of labels, you need to order more, which will cost you as much or nearly as much as your initial order. When you run out of ink in your rubber stamp or ink pad, you simply re-ink it for a fraction of the cost of an order of labels. And, with our Lifetime Guarantee on our rubber stamps, you needn’t worry about replacing your rubber stamp.

We have a variety of stamps to meet your needs. The handle-mount stamps and self-inking Ideal® models 50, 100 and 200 stamps are versatile and great for many uses, including return address, special messages, logos and more. We also have the round Ideal® model 170R, which makes a great inspector stamp, or for any purpose for which you need only stamp a letter or number. And, the self-inking Ideal® Pocket Stamp is small enough to keep in your pocket or purse, so that you can have your name and address, or any other information, readily available to stamp.

Think of the other areas where a rubber stamp might be handy. For example, you might want to have two rubber stamps with your return address, one for stamping envelopes and a second stamp which includes your phone number for stamping entry forms, rebate forms and tickets. If you frequently write to a business associate, a friend or a loved one, you might also want to get a rubber stamp with their address on it to make addressing envelopes faster and easier. Bear in mind that for addressing envelopes, you should order a stamp slightly larger than a return address stamp.

If your company or organization occassionally sends out small bulk mailings, you might also want to consider getting a rubber stamp made with your bulk rate permit, so that you needn’t take your envelopes or mailing piece back to the printer to have it imprinted. Just rubber stamp it instead!

Here are the different kinds of custom stamps we can make for you:

If you need any help selecting a custom stamp for your needs, please feel free to contact us..