With our laser engraver, we can engrave a variety of products and materials, including leather, glass, specially coated metals, plastics, wood and assorted other materials. We can also cut paper, plastics, thin woods and other materials to specific shapes. Our rotary attachment allows us to engrave round objects, such as glass bottles, mugs and glassware.

Available gift and other engravable items include BBQ gift sets, bowls, chess sets, clocks, coasters, cutting boards, desk wedges, flash drives, gavel sets, gift boxes, key tags, leather goods, lighters, mugs, pencils, pens, pet bowls, pet tags, pet urns, promotional items, travel mugs, wine boxes and more!

For more examples of kinds of products we can engrave for you, please look through these online catalogs:

Acrylic Awards & Gifts

Corporate Awards & Gifts

Crystal & Glass Awards & Gifts

Sports & Academic Awards

When you find something you like, contact us for pricing and details. We’ll be happy to help!

Identification Products

We can fulfill your identification product needs. Make sure your prospects and new customers remember your name with a quality name badge. We offer engraved as well as full color name badges with your choice of traditional pin fasteners or convenient magnetic fasteners that won’ poke a hole in your good suit. We can also provide name plates for your office wall, door or desk. We can also produce interior signage for your office or warehouse to help visitors, customers and new hires find their way around. We can help ensure you and your business project a professional appearance with our quality identification products.

Awards and Recognition Products

Awards and recognition products are very special to us.

Throughout our lives, we encounter many people. Some, we may only pass in the street or share a checkout line. Others, we will get to know better. Perhaps we will be in touch with them for a few weeks for a special project, a few months on a team or committe, or many years as colleagues or friends. Then, one day, they may be gone. Sometimes, sadly, forever.

It can be sad, especially given the connectedness of the world around us in this day and age. We may never know what happened to some of these people whose lives have intersected with our own. Were they happy? Did they achieve what they wanted out of life? Are they still around, somewhere, or are they long since gone? Could they use a kind word?

History will remember the “big names.” Some of those names are important; some perhaps not. Sometimes they made a difference. Often, they are not the ones that have really mattered to us on a personal level. Statistically, most of the people we have known in our lives will not be among those remembered to history. Regretfully, many will be largely forgotten in the passage of time.

Many of us were fortunate enough to remember our grandparents. Fewer remember a great-grandparent. But, how many of us remember great-great grandparents or earlier ancestors? Perhaps you’ll pass along stories of your grandparents and parents to your children, but how many stories will you have to share of earlier family members? How many generations will it be before your progeny forget the stories of your parents and your grandparents? Of you?

And what of the friends in their lives that contributed to making them who they were when you knew them. You might have one of their old yearbooks with pictures of their classmates, but do you know which of those classmates were important to them? Which were their friends? Who influenced them? Who pushed them to better themselves in some way?

As we go about our own daily lives, being who we are, how many people are there that helped make us who we are today that we have ourselves largely forgotten about? The increased connectedness of the world today may have changed that a little, but too often much more attention is given to the banal and very little precious time is spent appreciating what others have meant to us, of recognizing the role they played in our lives.

Instead, while we click and share silly videos or rally people to sign this petition or that, we keep our thoughts and appreciations bottled up, saving them for obituaries and eulogies—with our lost loved ones often never receiving the recognition and appreciations while they were alive and while, in some cases, it might have made a difference in their lives.

Some people are never shown appreciation for the hard work they have done, the successes they have had, or the differences they have made in the lives of others. Some of them may never learn how much the little things they’ve done—the small kindnesses they performed without a second thought—may have deeply affected someone else’s life. They may even think they’ve never done anything important in their lives, because they’ not one of the “big names” that the history books record.

And that’s because, all too often, we never tell them.

So, they might just think they’ve never done anything remotely important. They may think that they’ve just gone through life, facing their own struggles as best they can, but never reaching the level of success they had dreamed of as kids, never doing more than eking out a basic, just getting by. They may never realize the impact they’ve had and how the person or people they affected in turn impacted so many more.

It could have been something as simple as a kind word or a small favor at the opportune moment. Or a lifetime of such moments.

They may believe they’re ordinary, nothing special, no one of importance. But, in truth, they may very well be among the most important people in the world.

But they will never know that.

Unless we tell them.

We believe it’s important to tell them. We believe it is important to recognize achievement. We believe it is important to bestow upon them the awards they’ve earned. We believe it is important to present to them some form of recognition for the difference they have made in the lives of others.

To that end, we are pleased to offer quality awards and recognition products. Whether you need a trophy for a sporting event, a presentation plaque commemorating a business achievement or a personalized gift for someone who has done something special and meaningful for you, it is our honor to create that recognition product for you so we can do our small part to help ensure people know how much they are appreciated by others.

We look forward to creating these products and hope we can be of service to you in recognizing the special people in your life.