Handle Mount Rubber Stamps

Handle mount rubber stamps are a reliable, low-cost rubber stamp to use for many applications. A separate stamp pad is required. Since it does not have a built-in ink pad, as the self-inking stamps do, a handle mount stamp is especially good for applications where you may wish to use different colored inks. Because of their lower price, they are also good for low-usage applications, where the inconvenience of requiring a separate ink pad is not an important concern.

Like the Ideal® Self-Inking stamps, our handle mount rubber stamps are designed for professional quality marking and thousands of impressions. If kept in typical office environment conditions and used with reasonable care, your handle mount stamp will provide years of service and quality impressions.

To add to cart and customize, click on the price of the size handle mount stamp you would like to order.

Sizes and Prices

Mount Size Length:
up to 2″

up to 3″

up to 4″

up to 5″

up to 6″
1/4″ High
3/8″ High
1/2″ High
5/8″ High
3/4″ High
7/8″ High
1″ High
1-1/8″ High
1-1/4″ High
1-3/8″ High
1-1/2″ High
1-5/8″ High
1-3/4″ High
1-7/8″ High
2″ High
2-1/4″ High
2-1/2″ High
2-3/4″ High
3″ High
Larger mount sizes priced on request. Add $1.00 for each additional inch (1″) in stamp length. (Maximum 10 1/2″).

Note on Sizing: A typical return address stamp measures 3/4″ high by 2-3/8″ wide.

To add to cart and customize, click on the price of the size handlemount stamp you would like to order.