Ideal® Self-Inking Stamps

We sell the Ideal® brand of self-inking rubber stamps, which are known for their quality and reliability. They have numerous patented features, which make them work and feel as good as they look. These stamps feature precision components for ease of use and years of trouble-free usage. The full-size label on top of the stamp helps ensure that you select the correct stamp each time. These stamps are an excellent choice for your high volume stamping needs. They have been mechanically tested to over 1,000,000 impression cycles.

These stamps work great for stamping your personal or company name and address, paperwork routing and follow-up messages, bank information and so much more!

The Ideal® line of self-inking rubber stamps include many features, such as a unique and patented design, no separate stamp pad required, fast and clean to use, designed for professional quality marking and many high quality impressions without re-inking!

These stamps are great for home or personal use, office and home office use, club and organizational use, school use and more! You’ll find many practical uses for Ideal® self-inking rubber stamps.

 Ideal® 4911 Self-Inking Stamp
The Ideal® 4911 self-inking stamp is the perfect size for imprinting short messages.
SIZE: 0.625" x 1.625" (16mm x 41mm)
 Ideal® 4913 Self-Inking Stamp
The Ideal® 4913 self-inking stamp is the perfect stamp for for a return address with an initial or logo, a signature, or for check endorsements.
SIZE: 0.75" x 2.375" (20mm x 61mm)
 Ideal® 4914 Self-Inking Stamp
The Ideal® 4914 self-inking stamp is a good choice as a stamp for addressing envelopes or for check endorsements.
SIZE: 1" x 2.5" (27mm x 65mm)
 Ideal® 4926 Self-Inking Stamp
The Ideal® 4926 self-inking stamp is a larger-sized stamp for those important messages you don’t want to be missed.
SIZE: 1.5" x 3" (39mm x 77mm)