We offer an assortment of high quality ink pads to help you achieve crisp, clear images with your rubber stamps. We carry stamp pads from the ColorBox®, Vivid!® and other lines, as well as refill inks.

 ColorBox Gold Ink Pad
A rich, vibrant metallic gold color fit for a king!
 ColorBox Silver Ink Pad
Add a touch of class to your documents with this silver ink.
 ColorBox Copper Ink Pad
So real, you’ll worry if this copper ink will turn your hands green!
 Vivid! Premium Dye Black Inkpad
A rich black ink that won’t disappoint.
 Vivid! Premium Dye Yellow Inkpad
It will be a bright sunshiny day with this pretty yellow ink.
 Vivid! Premium Dye Orange Inkpad
A bright orange ink that will bring delight.
 Vivid! Premium Dye Red Inkpad
A versatile red ink that will find many uses.
 Vivid! Premium Dye Purple Inkpad
A regal purple ink suitable for royalty.
 Vivid! Premium Dye Ultramarine Inkpad
An ocean view in the palm of your hand.
 Vivid! Premium Dye Green Inkpad
A pleasant green ink for a variety of uses.
 Vivid! Premium Dye Raspberry Inkpad
So mouth-watering, you can almost taste this raspberry ink. (But please don’t.)
 Vivid! Premium Dye Teal Inkpad
A cool and refreshing teal ink for a sophisticated look.
 Vivid! Premium Dye Taupe Inkpad
A timely taupe ink for creating impressions that look like they’ve stood the test of time.

When you find something you like, contact us for pricing and details. We’ll be happy to help!