Notary Stamps

We can make Notary and Professional Stamps for most states and U.S. territories.

At this time, we cannot make Notary Stamps for Notary Publics in the State of California, nor in other states which require special authorized manufacturers. At this time, we also cannot make Professional stamps for certain agencies that require authorized manufacturers. Most such states and agencies will provide their notary publics and licensed, registered or other professionals with a list of authorized manufacturers for any required stamps.

If you are unsure whether your Notary or Professional stamp has any special manufacturing requirements, you should contact the office or agency from which you received your license or registration. You may also feel free to contact us and we can look it up in our guidebook.

To help prevent document fraud, we have these special requirements that MUST BE MET for us to produce your Notary or Professional Stamp:

NOTARY or PROFESSIONAL STAMPS: A copy of your state license or certificate is required. You may send this by mail, eMail or fax. (Fax number provided upon request.)

FEDERAL, STATE or LOCAL GOVERNMENT STAMPS: In most cases, a purchase order must be provided. Contact us for details.

Some of these steps require extra time in processing your order, but these are important in the prevention of document fraud, and we appreciate your support and understanding. Documents can often be easily counterfeited, but it frequently takes just a rubber stamp or seal to authenticate a document.

Please contact us for pricing and details.