Ideal® 4911 Self-Inking Stamp
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Maximum Impression Area: 0.625" x 1.625" (16mm x 41mm)

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STEP 2: Choose Material & Colors

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STEP 3: Personalize Your Stamp

Please enter the information EXACTLY as you would like it to appear on your stamp. Capital letters, punctuation and spelling will appear exactly as you type them here.
(If you are ordering your stamp with a graphic only (no text) or submitting your own artwork for the whole stamp (type and graphics), leave these lines blank.)
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Line 1:
Typestyle for Line 1:

Line 2:
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Line 3:
Typestyle for Line 3:

Line 4:
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Please Select How You Want the Text Aligned on Your Stamp:
 Left-justified      Centered      Right-justified

STEP 4: Select Graphic Options

Border: Check this box if you would like a border around your stamp.

Select Graphic or Initial Position for Your Stamp:
 No graphic or initial
 Initial to left of text

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Initial Desired:
If no selection is made, the first letter of your last name will be used.
 Graphic to left of text
 Graphic to right of text
 Graphic only (no text)
 Graphic other
If you would like the graphic positioned other than the options specified above, please select the “Graphic other” option and provide instructions in the Special Instructions section later on this form.

Select Graphic Choice for Your Stamp:
  To view the graphic images we have available, please click here (will open in a new window).
If using one of our graphics or submitting your own, please enter the name or filename of the graphic here:
Check this box if you will be submitting your own graphic by eMail.
Check this box if you will be submitting your own graphic by snail mail (U.S. Mail).

STEP 5: Special Instructions

STEP 6: Select Proof Type

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 Manually processed, PDF proof (sent via eMail)

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