ColorBox® Copper Ink Refill

Do you no longer wonder if your ColorBox® Copper Acid Free Pigment Ink Pad will turn your hands green, but instead worry whether your stamped image will be legible? Rejuvenate your Copper ink pad with this Copper Ink Refill. Just rub the bottle nozzle into the ink pad, and you can be adding a beautiful touch to your documents or artwork in just mere minutes!

The ColorBox® Copper Ink replaces the ColorBox® MetaleXtra™ CopperSwift ink.

ColorBox® metallic inks use an acid-free archival quality pigment formulation, making them an excellent choice for scrapbooking and other projects. This ink will dry well on absorbent papers, but should be embossed on coated or hard paper surfaces.

This ColorBox® brand ink pad is a premium quality metallic pigment ink pad. Its safe, water-based ink formula cleans up with just soap and water.

Due to differences between computer monitors as well as the differences in RGB colors and pigment dyes, simulated colors shown here are approximate only and may not be a true match to the actual ink color.

ColorBox and MetaleXtra are trademarks of Clearsnap, Inc.

Size: 14 cc

Price: $4.49