Vivid!® Premium Dye Raspberry Inkpad

A Fast-Drying Ink for Glossy or Coated Papers

Acid-Free Formulation

Is there anything better than a fresh, mouth-watering raspberry? Next to the real thing, nothing beats the memory of it. Relive summertime tastes all year-round with the Vivid!® Premium Dye Raspberry Inkpad. It’s berry pretty!

Stamp impressions created with Vivid!® Premium Dye Inkpads are simply outstanding. You will be very pleased with the results you get when using these inkpads. The inkpads use a high quality foam pad. Gentle taps of the rubber stamp on the pad (or vice versa) is all you need. These inkpads will allow you to pick up all the fine details of your rubber stamp. Line art and fine details come out with amazing clarity, and text impressions are crisp and clear. We cannot say enough good things about the amazing quality of these inkpads.

We use these inkpads ourselves for many projects as well as everyday stamping!

Vivid!® Premium Dye Inks are ideally suited for stamping on glossy and other nonabsorbent papers. The Vivid!® brand is an excellent ink for everyday stamping, where rapid drying on glossy or coated papers is desired. The highest quality impressions will be achieved when you use glossy or coated papers, but Vivid!® Premium Dye Inkpads will also provide excellent impressions on non-glossy or uncoated paper stocks.

Vivid!® Premium Dye Inkpads feature a raised inkpad, allowing it to be used with any size rubber stamp.

Whether you’re creating a rubber stamp masterpiece on coated stock, or just need to stamp your company logo and information on glossy materials, Vivid!® Premium Dye Inkpads are exactly what you need. You will be able to create exceptionally beautiful rubber stamp impressions with your Vivid!® Premium Dye Inkpad.

Although Vivid!® premium dye inks are an acid-free formulation, ColorBox® pigment inks are recommended for extended archival concerns.

Get your Vivid!® Premium Dye Raspberry Inkpad today, so you can start making berry good impressions!

Due to differences between computer monitors as well as the differences in RGB colors and pigment dyes, simulated colors shown here are approximate only and may not be a true match to the actual ink color.

Vivid! and ColorBox are trademarks of Clearsnap, Inc.

Size: 2.875" x 1.75"

Price: $3.99