Ideal® 4926 Self-Inking Stamp

This is an appropriately-sized stamp for those important messages you don’t want to be missed. It’s great for warnings, large messages, disclaimers, explanatory text, large logos or signatures, mail routing instructions and more.

IDEA: Do you mail out media, such as flash drives, that are sensitive to magnetism? Protect your mailing by marking it “Magnetic Media Enclosed” in large, bold, red lettering.

IDEA: Do you distribute material on floppy or Zip® disks? Probably not anymore but if you still do, stamp your name and address on the disk label before affixing it to the stamp. Great for printers, graphic designers, writers and others who distribute their work on media they want returned.

Size: 1.5" x 3" (39mm x 77mm)

MSRP: $31.30
Our Price: $17.49