Quetzalcoatl Rubber Stamp

As you ended a nearly two mile walk along the Avenue of the Dead, you at last reached the Ciudadela and, within it, the Temple of Quetzalcoatl. Revered by the Toltec, and later the Aztecs, you wondered about this feathered-serpent deity. Was he a great ruler later worshipped as a god; or a god whose name a great leader (or his parents) adopted? Perhaps he was an ancient god-king, a refugee of the lost continent of Atlantis, who sought sanctuary in ancient Mexico, and brought with him the knowledge of a high civilization?

You reflected for a few moments, and then left to explore the rest of the holy city that the Aztecs believed to be the birthplace of the universe.

Feeling a little Teotihuacán? Release your Aztec spirit with our exclusive Quetzalcoatl rubber stamp.

Size: 1.875" x 1.875"

Price: $6.49