Long-Nosed God of Tikal Rubber Stamp

Once populated for hundreds of years, the ruins seemed eerily quiet, despite the voices of hundreds of birds singing throughout the forest. As you headed towards the North Acropolis, a young coatimundi crossed your path. No worries—it’s not bad luck like a black cat. You were just grateful it wasn’t a jaguar—the manifestation of the god who protects Tikal. You walked upward, taking a drink of water from your flask. With the back of your hand, you mopped the sweat off your brow. Looking down into the plaza, you saw it: the ten-foot high sculptured mask of what is known as a “Long-Nosed God of Tikal.” Though bare rock now, you imagined how it would have looked hundreds of years ago, when it was covered in plaster and painted in bright colors. As your imagination began to drift away, you realized this was an adventure you would never forget—but it wasn’t over yet...

Feeling Tikalish now? Continue your adventure with our exclusive Long-Nosed God of Tikal rubber stamp.

By the way, did you know that portions of the original Star Wars movie, Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope, were filmed in Tikal?

Size: 1.497" x 1.875"

Price: $6.29