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2019 July 22, Monday

* Dan C. Rinnert’s Profile
Location One second into the future.
Affiliation Canville Communications
Interests Reading, history, gardening, pets, psychology, cooking and antiques.
About Most of my experience has been in some form of communications. I have 25 years of experience in the Quick/Small Commercial Printing industry, having run offset presses (Hamada and Ryobi), performed layout and paste-up work (including operating a stat camera), operated bindery equipment (including folders, drills, stitchers, cutters, shrink-wrap machines, numbering machines and bulk mail equipment) and performed bindery tasks (including manually collating, stitching and other assembly tasks), operated copy machines, performed design and typography/typesetting work (and prepared work for output on imagesetters and have hands-on experience with the Varityper 4300P imagesetter), operated vinyl-sign making software and equipment and worked in counter sales.

I have 22 years of experience as a published freelance writer. My publishing credits include several small publications; I have yet to be published in any major publication. I also have 28 years of experience in newsletter and small magazine publishing. I also have one book published (fiction).

I have 27 years of computer experience, beginning with Apple II and Atari series computers and now with Macintosh, Power Macintosh, Windows95 and Linux computers. I have done programming (BASIC, some C/C++, some Perl and now PHP), desktop publishing and desktop video (did my first “desktop video” on an Apple IIe with a custom program). I’ve also used Adobe Persuasion for desktop presentations. The limited desktop video I have done was primarily non-computerized, using a Panasonic AG-455 S-VHS camcorder, Panasonic S-VHS video recorder and the Panasonic WJ-AVE5 Digital AV Mixer, along with several other accessories. But, I do have some experience with Adobe Premiere and SoundEdit Pro. I have 27 years of experience in desktop publishing. Additionally, I have several years of experience using the Internet and online services, beginning with CompuServe and local BBS’s in the mid-eighties. And, I have 16 years of experience in web page design.

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There was a time when the streets were alive with the sounds of children playing, friends gathering, and adults conversing. When the heat of summer met its match in an ice cream bar delivered by the friendly chap in the neighborhood ice cream truck. Or, a rubbery hose would refresh children with the spraying of water into the air. Oh, how times have changed. Where go the little children now? Where now gather the teens? Where chatter away the adults all afternoon? And, alas, what has become of the lonesome ice cream man?

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