Handle-Mount Wedding Stamps

Give Your Wedding Accessories an Elegant, Personalized Touch with Our Wedding Stamps

You want everything to be just perfect for your Big Day. While we cannot guarantee a picture-perfect wedding day, we can guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the Wedding Stamp you order from us. Our wedding stamps are designed for professional quality marking and thousands of impressions. So, whether you need to stamp a few items or a large quantity, your wedding stamp will perform like a champ.

Whether you have a small wedding budget or are just looking to create a more personalized wedding, you’ll love our high quality wedding stamps at a low budget price!

Our wedding stamps are also designed with comfort in mind. The handles we use on our wedding stamps are an ergonomical plastic handle, which you and your helpers will appreciate after an evening of stamping multiple impressions.

Please keep in mind that if you plan on stamping your matchbooks or other items with a “stamping party” with your helpers, you should consider purchasing multiple stamps so that more than one person can be stamping at a time. Spending time with your friends or bridemaids with a “stamping party” will create another memory for all of you to enjoy for years to come! Don’t forget to take pictures at your “stamping party” so you can share photographs and add them to your wedding scrapbook!

We offer a variety of layouts you can choose from for your personalized wedding stamp. You may also choose to use your own design.

Images for designs P, Q & R were created by Matthew Laznicka. Look for more of Matthew’s designs throughout our rubber stamp selections.

1.25" Wedding Stamps (Designs A-O): Our 1.25" wedding stamps are the perfect size for standard matchbooks.

2" Wedding Stamps (Designs A-R): Our 2" wedding stamps are handy for napkins, invitations and other items.

If you need another size for stamping your wedding items, please view the price list below. To figure the cost of your desired stamp size, use the closest size that is not smaller than the size you want your stamp to be. For example, a 1.5" stamp would be $9.19, and a 1.4" stamp would also be $9.19.

Please note that the minimum size for designs A-O is 1.25" and the minimum size for designs P-R is 2".

Sizes and Prices

Size (square) Price   Size (square)
Designs A-O
Designs A-R
1.25" $7.85 2"
1.375" $8.49 2.25"
1.5" $9.19 2.5"
1.625" $9.95 2.75"
1.75" $10.69 3"
1.875" $11.49